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We recently surveyed our network of 100+ UK-based events professionals to help create a picture of the industry in 2019. The results below provide some useful insight into the types of events you and your peers are producing, what career progression (and remuneration) you can expect, and uncovers some of the key challenges and trends impacting the industry today.

We hope you find it an interesting read. If you have any questions about the findings, or just fancy a chat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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Section One: A little about you

We asked respondents about their current role. Our survey said…

Your employment status

What industry you work in

Your company size

Your seniority level

How long you’ve been in your current role

How long you’ve been in an events based role

Section Two: About your events

We asked respondents about their current events…

Where in the world you’re hosting events

What type of events you’re producing

What is the purpose of the events that you’re hosting

How many events does your company produce a year

What is the most you’ll spend on an event in 2019

What’s the largest audience size?

Section Three: Your career

Based on survey responses, we’re able to show the average career progression for an event professional.
The years of experience and salary range listed represents the most common answer received for that level of seniority –
obviously there are individuals that fall outside these, but we thought this is a helpful guide nonetheless.

Have you received a bonus or pay rise in the past 12 months (we cross-checked this against respondents’ average happiness)

Which one thing would drive you to move to a new role

If you could start your career again, what would you do instead?

Section Four: Challenges and trends

What’s the biggest challenge you face in your current role?

What trends are you actively looking to incorporate in your 2019 events?

We’ll be diving in to some of these ideas in more detail on our blog in the coming months.

How do you find out about new venues and suppliers?

In the past year what unexpected costs have you faced?

Brexit Impact? Are you concerned about the impact on your business? 

Thank you

There you have it, our 2019 Event Industry Report.
Thanks for reading, we hope you found it useful.
And thank you to those who completed the survey!

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