Banking on Emotions



To activate the on-campus graduate recruitment campaign ‘Careers Worth Discovering’. We were asked to create a live experience to engage a savvy student audience. The campaign also showcased how Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) supports personal and professional growth, encourages making a positive impact in society, invests in new technologies and drives innovation.


Our strategy was to expose students to LGB’s different career values and measure their subconscious emotional responses, to help them explore what really mattered most to them in their future career.

We created an interactive engagement for students using Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) Technology, in conjunction with a video headset to drive and track emotions; creating a unique ‘self-discovery experience’ for each individual.


The technology was extremely effective in stimulating interest and participation in the competitive environment of a university careers fair. As students passed through and saw the sensors, headsets and laptops being used by their friends and peers, their curiosity was piqued and queues formed with visitors waiting to get involved.

“I was impressed with the technology as it helped students understand what means most to them and helped them take the next steps for their career.” – EVCOM award judge, 2018

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