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October 31, 2019 Sophie Shearer

‘Experience has brought aboard three new hires bolstering its inventive offering for brands.’

We are driving the agency forward with new hires in both our creative and production teams, driving our inventive offering for clients. With brands including Amazon, Facebook, Deloitte and ITV, reaching around 50,000 people each year across the globe.

We’re a unique agency which combines creative thinking with operational excellence. Driving Experience forward these new hires include, for the creative team; Emily Page coming from Design Scene with over 5 years of experience in design. And for the production team; Gabrielle Savell-Stewart with five years in production from theatre to events and Sam Ward, who has 6 years in production management from muddy fields to ballrooms.  

Mark Griffith, Founder and Director of Experience said “We are very excited to welcome Gabbie, Emily & Sam to the team. They will not only add greater capacity with our existing client base but allow us to expand our offering as we head into our tenth year ”

This maturation of the company team and structure comes after we won the EVCOM Industry Award for Best Use of Technology in late 2018 for Lloyds Banking Group, using galvanic skin response (GSR) technology, in conjunction with a VR headset to drive and track emotions; creating a unique ‘self-discovery experience’ for each individual. Plus this years nomination for The Drum Awards ‘Agency of the year (under 40 staff)’.

With Experience celebrating our tenth birthday this year, it is a fitting year to bring on new, innovative talent to expand the creative delivery of events, for a variety of brands, all around the world. 


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