EVCOM Gold Award Winners

February 14, 2019 Sophie Shearer

“And the winner of ‘Best Use of Technology’ is… Experience!”

At the EVCOM Awards last November Experience won the awards for ‘Best Use of Technology’. We entered our project with Lloyds Banking Group, where we banked on emotions. Our project with LBG was to showcase how they support personal growth and encourage positive impact in society. Technology drive innovation so we put it at the heart of this campaign.

We came up with the strategy that by exposing them to different career values and measuring their subconscious emotional responses, we could help them explore what really mattered most to them in their future career. Our solution was to create an interactive engagement for students using Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) Technology, in conjunction with a video headset to drive and track emotions. Creating a unique ‘self-discovery experience’ for each individual. 

“I was impressed with the technology as it helped students understand what means the most to them” – EVCOM judge, 2018

See the case study on this project here.


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